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Firewall Management Service

The Firewall Management Service Service allows the customer to benefit from the protection offered by a dedicated Firewall, without incurring the economic investment and know-how required for its management.


Monitors all incoming and outgoing emails of all your domain email accounts.
Should a virus be detected, the connection will be interrupted by the server and the infected email is automatically deleted.
The service is updated on a daily basis with the definitions of the latest viruses in circulation and does not delete any correct emails.
Once activated, the Clamav antivirus system comes into action without having to make any changes to the configuration, protecting your domain email accounts, both when you check your messages through email clients, and the Webmail.


All incoming emails, are checked through the AntiSpam filter which carries out numerous tests on the header, subject and body of the message.
A filter that is continuously updated and can be configured from the Webmail which automatically detects unwanted emails and marks them in order to separate them from the ``good`` emails or rejects them.
This service protects all your domain email accounts from unwanted messages, also known as “SPAM”, by using a special filter.


Monitoring and control web activity: uncontrolled web activity can affect productivity, lead to dangerous infections, increase costs and potential legal liability, as well as to corporate image ruined.

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